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Denorris “Shon” Gore

Shon Gore
Denorris “Shon” Gore

As a native born in Fayetteville NC, I have spent the majority of my childhood moving around due to my father being in the military. My high school years I spent in Fayetteville and I am a graduate of Jack Britt High School’s second graduating class. Due to 9/11, I joined the military in and moved around during those years. I got out of the military in 2013 and decided to go back to school at the age of 29. I majored in Criminal Justice. I have enjoyed every bit of it. I am married and have seven kids. Five boys and two girls, two of them are in college two in high school, one in middle and two in elementary. My wife and I were both dual military and in college at the same time as well. I graduated in May 2018 and she graduated in December 2019. She is a social work major.

When I first became a GAL, I was trying to find ways to get involved in my community and give back. I was interested in getting familiar with the justice system so that I could get a first-hand view on the criminal justice system. I intend on going to law school so that I can be a voice of change for the ones who cannot speak for themselves. Which is what I am doing now as a GAL. I have been a GAL for 3 years since 2018. I have learned a lot and seen a lot, but this has been a great opportunity for me.

Being involved with GAL has opened my eyes to the Foster Care system and the different avenues that children have to go through. Being a GAL has allowed me to be the voice for the children who cannot and be an advocate for the ones who can. I enjoy the time that I have been a GAL, and I would like to encourage anyone who wants to pursue a career in Criminal Justice or Social Work to definitely consider becoming a GAL. Children depend on adults until the adult they depend on does something to sever that bond. That’s where GAL comes in and makes sure they have the proper care and people in place to help foster a meaning lifestyle for the children in their care. Not only is this my duty as a Criminal Justice major, but my duty as a citizen of this country I call home.

GAL Supervisor’s note: Shon’s advocacy has been instrumental in aiding seven children to permanence from foster care. As a GAL, Shon continues to advocate for five other children who are still in “the system”. Shon’s dedication, wisdom and overall easy personality help him to built rapport, quickly with the children and their placements. Shon is a wonderful GAL and valuable part of the D12 team!

Thank you, Shon, for your zealous advocacy for our community’s children!! It is an honor to work alongside you.